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vendredi 2 avril 2010


(Canadair CL-13B Sabre Mk. 6 JB-231 of Luftwaffe JG72 based at Leck. Photographed at Phalsbourg, France, 1962. Photo taken by personnel of the 102d TFW.)
(Carte - Map)

(Super Mystere B.2 12-ZJ of EC3/13 at Cambrai. Photographed at Phalsbourg, France,
May 1962 by personnel of the 102d TFW
(Carte - Map)

"I just found your Phalsbourg blog/site today. As you may know, the 102d TFW was stationed there for a brief period during the cold war. This wing was comprised of three squadrons, the 138 TFS (NY ANG-Syracuse); the 101 TFS (Massachusetts ANG-Boston) and the 131 TFS (Massachusetts ANG-Westfield). I was the Wing historian at the latter unit, serving at Westfield from 1986 until 1998." Tom HILDRETH